torstai 7. huhtikuuta 2011

Working towards 1NT GF relay

Inspired by the Viking Club precision book I recently bought, I've been trying to get towards 1NT GF relay over major openings. When you have the GF hand, it's simple. Trouble is what you are going to do with all the hands natural systems handle with 1NT. Now that I got my bright idea for 1S-2D (hearts), it's little work to finish the rest of the structure. Viking club went a simple way, 2C included about all the invites and other bids were NF. Not too hard to see how this is rather horrible, now-a-days everyone knows that fit is everything. So at least my heart hands are separated.
My 2C bid will look something like this:
Balanced invites without 3 card support. (also with 5H)
Both minors invites.
5+m, 4H invites
6+ diamond invites.
6+ diamonds GF that doesn't want to relay.
55+ minors GF that doesn't want to relay.
Essentially the bid works as a transfer to diamonds because opener should have some shapely hand to bid something else.

1S - 2C
2D = Nothing special (says nothing about strength)
2H = 5+4 majors (may have 55 if really bad)
2S = Good 6+S
2NT = Max 6S4m
3C/3D = 55+
3H = 55+ majors
3S = Max with semisolid spades
3NT = Solid 7+ spades

1S - 2C - 2D
2H = 5H, inv. Includes some semibal shapes. 2533, 25(42), 15(43), you can bid these also via 2D, this is the lighter way and more often has bad hearts.
2S = Exactly 2S, usually balanced but could be both minors.
2NT = Both minors, usually short spades.
3C = GF with both minors
3D = 6+D
3H+ natural bids with GF and 6+ diamonds.

Forward to 2H bid:
Weak spade raise.
Invitational 3 card spade raise.
Invitational with clubs.
GF with clubs that doesn't want to relay.
This seems straight forward so I won't bother to write the continuations here.

Less than invite hands without support including some 6-9 balanced, both minors or 5Hs hands and weak hands with long minor. These hands just have to pass as you have no bid for them. I'm not too worried about that, 15+9 rarely makes games and often opps are there to balance. Those heart hands are a bit scary but they aren't too easy even in natural systems.

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