maanantai 4. huhtikuuta 2011

Fresh blood

I had a chance of playing with 13 year old kid on Saturday, matchpoints. It didn't go quite as well as I had hoped cause I played terribly. My card play was aiming for some magazine plays instead of easy 60% plays. Of course this is due that I didn't expect to do well, but it's still quite unfair. My bidding was also pretty horrible. I had some passive aggressive mentality. At times I played the partner and let it go low when he was about to declare. At times I pushed to tight games without inviting that I might not even bid at IMPs. I had some serious issues with consistency.
This one deal was pretty interesting, it was declared against us by a great player and he certainly deserved the points he got from us.


You bid to 3NT after 2C and kokish showing 25-26 bal. You get D5 lead, how to play?

You start with CK, dropping the Q on the left. Unblock the diamond and club to 9, west discarding diamond. Now followed S10 running to west's J and what was the poor boy to lead? He played another diamond to Q and spade finesse followed ending with ten tricks. I bet you are interested in the heart situation?
West held J965, so he should play the HJ to give defence some hope. But I have no doubt that in our table it would have been followed with very fast four rounds of hearts, end-playing west again.
This didn't leave us totally empty handed as some had made six and some even had bid six and made it.

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