sunnuntai 24. huhtikuuta 2011

Garbage stayman twist

This is something I have made long time ago and played for almost as long with occasional good results.
Idea is simple, just put together stayman and minor suit stayman in a garbage auction. So for auction 1NT - 2C - 2D, your 2H is weak, both majors. Now you might use 2S as either invitational with 5S and 4H or maybe some forcing re-stayman or perhaps as weak sign-off with longer spades. However my idea is for it to be nonforcing MSS.

If you haven't played MSS, it's rather simple: 1NT - 2S: 2NT = better diamonds and 3C = better clubs. Now responder can bid either minor to sign off or bid 3M to show shortness and usually some slam ambitions. In these garbage auctions you never have slam ambitions but it works for the sign-offs.

So after partner opens 1NT and you hold weak hand with spades and a long minor or both minors you start with stayman and if partner delights you with 2S you pass. Over 2D or 2H you bid 2S to say that you have weak hand with 4S and long or both minors. Partner passes with 4 and usually with 3 cards and answers MSS with just 2.
Hand types like 40(54), 41(26), 42(16), 43(06) and 40(36) just found a way to search for 4-4 or 4-3 spade fit before committing to 3 of a minor.

Note that you also lose 1NT - 2C - 2H -2S bid for this purpose. (Whatever it might have been before)
One additional thing to note is that you can bid some marginal invites through this auction if you'd accept an invite for one fit but not for the other. I have also used it with 5044 shape finding 4-4 minor but that is more questionable.

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