keskiviikko 3. elokuuta 2011

So went the ECs

I've been a bit lazy lately, but I doubt anyone really noticed.
I was playing in European junior championships. Didn't do so well, not that it was expected. Was fun and taught me a lot more about tournament playing. Midway I also got dehydrated and overheated and my game was totally out of the window. Took a day of and got myself together and also played quite well on my part for the rest of the matches.

I have no great tales from the bridge table other than that we finally got thanks from the swedes for beating Norway, letting them get ahead by 2 vps. We managed to miss all our slams (only 2 or 3 though) and one we bid I played in wrong strain and went down. But now I have a plan how to get to declare when partner opens 3NT minor pre-empt, 4D shortness ask + 6C.

This one deal I will bring up, mainly as an advertise. It was our last deal against Italy and pretty much the only deal where system managed to make difference.

KJx                        Axxx
xxx                         x
AKJx                     Qxxx
QJx                        T8xx

This is of course for the garbage stayman MSS twist. I sat east and after partner opened 1NT (15-17), I was very well placed to ask for majors. Over 2S I would have invited, over 2D and 2H I'm bidding 2S, nf minor suit stayman. I ended up playing 2S and made it easily, though with correct defense I think it could be hard.
Other table played totally hopeless 1NT. 5 imps for the good guys.

Btw, I've been tinkering with transfer walsh in Polish club. I guess I get back to wacky system writing.

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  1. I'm sure Chalcraft has missed you greatly. If you are interested in wacky systems then Andre and I have a canape system with a Swedish(ish) Club: 12-14 Bal or any 17+ which we've had pretty good success with. I do like this NF MSS although I haven't used it as of yet.

    - dude2010