maanantai 30. toukokuuta 2011

Spots in the wrong hand.

What is the contract you'd want your opponents to always be in? I'd say 5NT, although 2NT is a good candidate too. Well, this time we should have been in that 5NT.

Partner held Axx JT J8xx AKxx and my collection was QT AK9xx AKxx Jx. Bidding was quite interesting.
Partner opened in first seat  all NV 1NT, 12-15, may have singleton diamond. RHO bids 2H showing majors. I pass, intending to go for blood. 2S, passed to me and I double for T/O. Now partner surprises me with a 3S call. I'm not really sure what it shows but a maximum and something in spades and I assumed both minors. RHO doubles and I pass cause I don't really know what to bid, maybe 4NT quantitative would be best. Well partner bids 4C and I just decide to jump to 5D, maybe partner can bid a slam with right cards. Well, he doesn't have to as it gets doubled by LHO. I'm tempted to redouble but leave it be.

1NT (2H) P (2S)
P      (P)   X (P)
3S    (X)  P  (P)
4C   (P)   5D (X)

So, how do you declare 5DX after S3 lead?



I think you as well as I can pretty much locate the cards immediately.
RHO holds K(J)xx(x) Qxxxx x xx(x), against 5-0 we stand no chance what so ever, so trumps must be 4-1.
Tough thing is that I couldn't make it at the table and I'm yet to see a way to make it.
I let the spade run to king, another I took with the Q, played DA and diamond. Q took a trick and another spade to ace, I discarded a heart. Now I have the tricks but no entries to take them, while I (partner actually) could easily make 5NT with very little effort.

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