torstai 31. maaliskuuta 2011

Gotta get it started

I started bridge by going to a course with my father. I only grasped the basics and didn't even realize the great world of interesting systems and conventional bids, even less the wonders of exotic squeeze plays. It was more about father and son time.  However once I moved to Oulu to study, I got more into it and my knowledge just exploded. It only took couple of months before I was building own systems from a scratch, some even quite good in theory. Since  then I have sort of been on the chase for the perfect system, perfect agreements, perfect conventions. Lately after having started two serious partnerships, I have suddenly realized the memory load restraints but no way I'm letting it hold me back.
I have often pondered about starting a blog to write about bridge. Finally I was bored enough to get it started. Hopefully I will keep writing now that the hardest part is done.

I will mostly handle bidding, especially exotic systems and conventions. I highly advocate totally free system policy, and I'm happy to live in Finland where you can play anything as long as there's at least 6 boards against the same opponent.

I want to start by thanking many people who have given me much in the ways of bridge. From bridge base forums (BBF) JLogic, kenrexford, mtvesuvius and foobar among many others. Of course my more or less regular partners suokko, chalcraft and Visa.

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